Saturday, April 19, 2014

V/A - Punk Sucks (1995)

Another Comp? Of course! You can never go wrong with comps. I used to see this at "The Wall" (remember that store) all the time in the 90's. I would buy every punk comp that I saw in that place. But I never bought this one. I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe it was priced too high for a poor broke teenager like myself at the time? I did however end up buying it at a used record store many years later for a few bucks.

With an era that was flooded with comps, this stands out as a classic. Released on Liberation Records in 1995 (L-37801-2). As far as I can tell, there was only 1 CD pressing on this. Must have been a lot.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

V/A - Letters From Punksville CD (1998)

I usually have a little blurb about where I obtained the releases that are featured on my blog. However, I have no recollection of where I got this. Maybe on ebay? Maybe off a forum?

Released in 1998 on Umbilical Records & Reinforcement Records. 32 tracks of pop punk, ska and street punk. You probably are familiar with most of the artists on this comp. But you may run into a few surprises as well!!

1. Bigwig - Your In Sample
2. 30 Foot Fall - People Are Stupid
3. Propagandhi - I Was a Pre-Teen McCarthyist
4. The Abducted - Nobody Wants You Around & I Don't Wanna Hear It
5. Nobodys - I Hate It
6. Violent Society - Can't Stop You
7. Billyclub - Blitz
8. The Undead - There's A Riot In Thompkins Square
9. Anti-Flag - I Don't Want To Be Like You (Live)
10. Santa's Dead - Something In The Way
11. The Vapids - Waiting For June
12. Carbona - Norma Jean
13. Tinkle - Runaway (new version)
14. The Weakerthans - Diagnosis
15. Shaft - Rubber Band
16. Mohawk Barbie - Darby Had A Mullet
17. Gob - You're Too Cool
18. The Thumbs - Looking For A Cure
19. Shyster - Follow
20. Middle Finger - A Ferret Named Schick
21. The Supaflies - Milk
22. Catch Twenty-Two - As The Footsteps Die Out Forever
23.Heft - Snot Rocket
24. The Jerkoffs - Up In Smoke
25. Limpmonger - Capture The Flag
26. Moral Crux - Strange World
27. Humble Beginnings - Activate
28. Ann Beretta -Hate Mail
29. The Frantics - Peer Pressure
30. Regan Squad - Stand Out
31. The Goons - Breakdown
32. The Suspects - New Dawn In The 21st Century

Saturday, March 29, 2014

V/A - Connect The Dots Vol. 1

Released in 1998 on Let's Jet Records. And from what I can gather the label only released this, and a full length. It looks to be all christian punk and ska bands from around that time. Most of them being lost in time. There's pop punk, ska, hardcore, punk and melodic hardcore on this comp. It's well worth the download

A few years ago I was at a local auction house and there was a large box of punk and hardcore CD's up for bid. I ended up getting the box for fairly cheap. I think around $22. This was in it still sealed. And being a comp junkie, this was a nice surprise to the lot!

1. Vroom - The Nicest Girl I Know    
2. Squad Five-O - Ice Ice Baby (Live At Cornerstone '97)
3. Muchacho Vivo - Private Moments For Ponyboy
4. Looking Jonny - Whatever
5. Against The Flow - Day By Day
6. Madison - What To Say
7. Gimerstick - New Hope
8. Twothirtyeight - Colorblind
9. 7th Vision - America
10. Gransane - Pull Me Up
11. 7 Knots Crain - Faith
12. Skadaddles - Need
13. Proof Of Purchase (West Coast) - Fallen Behind
14. Simple Solution - Over And Over
15. Boogie Machine - Sputnik
16. Anywhere But Down - We Stink
17. Junction Seven - Mesmerize Me
18. Makeshift - 4 AM
19. 100 Fold - The Way I Feel
20. Proof Of Purchase (East Coast) - I'm Not Afraid
21. The Three Legged Cats - Gray Tinted Bifocals
22. 3 Car Pile-Up - Dweeb

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Julian Fist - S/T CD (1999)

Julian Fist was a 4 piece alternative rock band from my neck of the woods. York Springs PA. Which is about a 30 minute drive north of here. This was a self released EP recorded and released in 1999. Other than that I have absolutely no information about this release, or this band. I don't remember ever seeing them live during those daily punk rock shows that were around at the time.

I picked this up for under a buck at a local Goodwill. Only 3 songs, but a good alternative / punk rock release. Any info on this band would be awesome!!

1. Away
2. Erase
3. You And Me

Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Day At The Fair - No Lights On Weldon CD (2002)

Released on Small Records (SR-007) and Inchworm Records in 2002. A Day at the Fair features members of Lanemeyer. You know, that awesome NJPP band from the late 90s.

I love this CD. I first heard DATF on an old Springman Records comp I bought at Record & Tape Traders in Westminster MD years and years ago. Great emo/punk/acoustic stuff. "Another Lonely Winter" was recorded previously by Lanemeyer. The DATF version is different, and much better in my opinion.

DATF also released an EP (which there are several cover variations), a full length on Rushmore Records (which was released on 2xLP with different variants) and are currently working on new stuff!

There were 2 versions as far as I know. The advanced copy was limited to 50 hand numbered copies. The music is exactly the same on both versions. You can still pick up copies of the stock version. I've never seen another version of the pre-release.

1. No Lights On Weldon
2. Jersey/California Life
3. So Much For Nostalgia
4. Grasshopper Of Waywayonda
5. The Dude Abides
6. Another Lonely Winter
7. Neotony
8. Shoebox Greeting
9. Beautiful Double Edged Sword
10. Cinderblock

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

V/A - Mulletcore CD (1998)

Released on Drive Thru Records in 1998 (#07). I picked this up in a large lot of pop punk CD's a few years ago off of a forum. Drive Thru released some great great stuff, and it kinda of sucks that some of the early stuff is difficult to find. I haven't seen many of these. So grab the MP3's while you can!!

A great release on pop punk, ska, and some emo. 

I uploaded this on request, and will also upload more if requested. I have my collection, up until the letter J, up on discogs. I have a long way to go to get everything up there! The link below is what I have cataloged so far.

1. I Wanna Rock!
2. Riverfenix - All My Fault
3. The Fairlanes - Catch 22
4. Jimmy Eat World - H Model
5. Mothermania - Sam's a Nympho
6. Co-Ed - Unlucky
7. The Pharmaceutical Bandits - Wrong With Me
8. Nerf Herder - Mr. Blue Sky
9. Allister - X-Girlfriend
10. Mega City Four - Android Dreams
11. Atom & His Package - Jen S.
12. Slapstick - Heavy Metal Kid In The Parking Lot
13. Last Summer - This Looks Like A Good Spot
14. Humble Beginnings - Black &White
15. Unleaded Plus - 7-10/11-97
16. Akinyele - Put It In Your Mouth
17. Cousin Oliver - Nut
18. Size 14 - Give Satan a Hug
19. Everready - Bleach Banquet
20. The Hick-Ups - Rumors
21. Los Executivos - Wallflower
22. Donuts N Glory - The Fabulous Endeaver
23. The Shrooms - Her Only Friend
24. Shower With Goats - Useless
25. Tip - If I Tried
26. Bank of Brian - 143
27. Shitcharming with HL

Monday, February 17, 2014

Not Dead!!

Not Dead!! My music collection is once again back in boxes. A pipe froze and busted in my music room and ruined a lot of shit. Mostly the carpet and wood floor underneath. Thankfully all the music was saved! The shelves, boxes and cases not so much. So I'll return as soon as I can